Hi, i’m Liz! Welcome to Running Into A New Chapter. I am a newly wed twenty-six year old with a passion for healthy living.

I decided to start this blog during a big transition period in my life. All of these great new chapters were opening in my life as I married the love of my life, moved into a house and started on my career path.

Some of my favorite ways to spend my time is exercising and being outdoors. In college I road on a competitive cycling team where I found my love for biking.

The summer after graduating I participated in Ride Across Indiana with my brother in law. (173 miles in one day 😉 )

My diet has recently changed as I was vegan for several years. Only recently I have incorporated some forms of animal nourishment into my diet. I follow the GAPS diet as a way to heal my body from an autoimmune condition. I believe food is the best medicine we can give ourselves.


I also have an amazing family! I am the youngest with two older sisters and a brother. I  have the cutest niece and nephew, Eleanor and Austin!



Thanks for stoping by and I hope you enjoy my blog!!!


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