How To Eat When Traveling On The SCD Diet

Going on vacations and traveling can seem like a daunting task when on the SCD diet. The first thing that comes to my mind is, how am I going to eat? When you can’t eat on the road, preparation of food is a must! Here are some food ideas that helped me stay satisfied while traveling this summer.

  • Peter Rabbit Organics Baby Food are perfect because the fruit and veggies are already cooked and pureed. I like this brand because the only other ingredient besides fruit and veggies is lemon. I also use these as a snack when I am cycling, they are similar to the Gu Energy Packs I used to eat without all the added junk!

  • Nut Butter/Coconut Oil packets are so yummy and the perfect snack to keep in your purse. I typically will get almond, walnut and sunflower seed.

  • Epic Bars are paleo, gluten free and low in sugar. The animals are 100% grass fed. Due to the added sugar, I don’t go crazy on these, but have them every once in a while.

  • I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw these Pesto Zucchini Chips! Everything is SCD legal! They are absolutely delicious.

  • Wild Caught Alaskan Smoked Salmon is the perfect protein to bring on the road because you can eat it cold. My husband and I typically drive to our vacation spots, so I am able to bring a cooler. I like eating snacks but sometimes feel like I need something a little more sustenance.
  • If you are farther along on the diet and have added in nuts, sprouted nuts would also be a great snack to have on the road!

I hope that this helps you on your next vacation!!

Happy Healing! 


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