How To Dry Herbs

How To Dry Herbs

Ohh herbs. So many plants with so many different healing properties. I loved that I was successful in growing herbs in my garden this year. There is nothing like picking fresh herbs and using them while cooking. One thing that I do over the summer is dry my herbs in order to use them throughout the fall and winter months. I want to share how easy it is to dry herbs with you today!

Here are the steps to drying herbs…

  1. Cut off a section of leaves.


  1. Rinse off any dirt and dry off.


  1. Pick leaves off of stem and place onto dehydrator.


  1. Dehydrate under 100 degrees F for 24 hours, or until crispy and dry.
  1. If using for tea crush leaves between fingers, otherwise you can just save the whole leaf.
  1. Place into air tight container and store in a cool dry place.
  1. Enjoy your herbs throughout the year!

Happy Healing!


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