Overview Of Stage 1 of the SCD diet

I am happy to say that I am officially moving on to stage 2 of the SCD diet. Buh-bye cooked carrots hello mushrooms, asparagus, avocado, almond butter and much more! I am SO excited to have more variety in my diet. Today I want to share my progress on my healing with both the highs and the lows of the diet thus far. Lets start with the positives, shall we?

Before starting the diet my biggest concern was that I was still having blood and mucus when going to the bathroom. Sometimes I would even have blood and mucus without having a bowel movement. I was not someone that stopped bleeding the day after I started the diet, which honestly was kind of frustrating. However, I have had great progress. I now have many days and sometimes I will go a week without blood in my bowel movement. Another great progress marker is that I have NO gas, like ever. This means that I am properly digesting my food- YIPPY! Finally, my bowel moments are typically a 4 on the Bristol scale. Okay after sharing too much information on all things poop lets move on to some of the frustrations of the diet…

My biggest frustration is the time it takes to cook all of the food. Luckily I am someone who likes to cook, but pretty much all of my free time goes to chopping, cooking, and pureeing veggies. I try to do a big food prep on the weekend and then make more midway throughout the week. I can’t wait for the day I can just bite into an apple! My next biggest complaint is that people say the RUDEST things about my food. When I eat my lunch I literally have people look in disgust as they ask me what the heck I am eating. Has no one ever seen pureed veggies before? Can you just ask what I am eating with a smile on your face? It is even worse when I try to explain the diet, two seconds into the conversation I see a glazed over look. Maybe I should just make pamphlets to hand out to people when that ask ;). Finally, I am a little tired of not being able to use seasonings. Baked chicken can only taste so good with salt and pepper. Luckily I get to add garlic during this next stage! Overall I have seen results during this phase of the diet. Even with all my complaining and hard work it is totally worth it to rebuild my body and feel awesome!


Dan Berger-Pharmacies vs. Health Food Stores

Happy Healing!


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