Introducing New Foods On The SCD Diet

Introducing new foods during each phase of the diet is exciting and scary at the same time. While my taste buds get a nice change of flavor, I am constantly hoping that I don’t react poorly to my favorite foods like avocado and almonds!

When you introduce a new food you want to do it over a three-day period. This means that you choose one food that you want to test. On day one you eat a serving of that food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. On day two and three you do not consume the food but monitor how your body feels. If symptoms return, or you feel sick, you can avoid the food for several months and then try it again.

The idea is to take the food out of your diet long enough for your gut to heal so that when you reintroduce it, you will not have sensitivity to that food. Monitoring how you feel can sometimes be tricky. In order to do this, I recommend that you keep a food journal.

In my own food journal I keep track of the food I consume, how I am feeling, and any symptoms that occur. This will greatly help you throughout the healing process. By keeping a food journal I was able to figure out that I can only handle almond butter in small amounts, and if I eat too much it will bring on some unwanted symptoms.

Since having a food allergy test done, I know that I cannot consume eggs or gluten, so those food are sadly something I will probably not be able to add back into my diet. I also have sensitivity to dairy . However, I am still hoping that with some major gut healing I can eventually add back some butter!!

Here is my food prep for the week.. or lets be serious the next two days ;)! Happy Healing!

Food Prep


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