SCD Intro Diet

Over the past several years I have worked with functional doctors to heal my gut and ulcerative colitis. While I feel much better and my symptoms are greatly reduced, I still have a couple of lingering symptoms that I can’t seem to kick. This led me to research the SCD diet. I decided to give it a go and document my experience!

The first 2-3 days of the diet is called the introduction phase. This is where you basically cut everything out of your diet expect for meat, broth, carrots, and jello. This will kill any bacteria in your gut, reduce inflammation, and kickstart the healing process.

I was able to stay in the Introduction Phase for 3 days. One thing I can say about this stage is to just get through it! It will not be a fun 3 days of your life, but it is ONLY 3 days. I felt pretty moody and constantly hungry. No matter how much I ate my body was still hungry. It was weird eating soup for breakfast and a little depressing knowing you were going to eat the same thing again for lunch and dinner. Ok, done being a negative Nancy, on to the positives!

I felt WAY less bloated at the end of the day when I normally would have some bloating or gas. My bowel movements slowed down considerably and the gurgling stomach I woke up to in the mornings was gone. I also lost about 5 pounds which I wasn’t necessarily expecting since I was eating way more calories than normal.

My advice to anyone wanting to try this diet is to do the introduction phase on the weekend. Its easier to feel bad at home, where you can rest, than at work . I also decided not to work out during these 3 days. I already felt like I was constantly dying of hunger and didn’t want to expend any more energy or calories. Finally, make sure that you prepare a ton of food ahead of time. You DO NOT want to be foggy brained and hungry while trying to cook carrots for 3 hours.

That’s all for now! On to phase two where I get to add apples! Yippee!!


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