What I Ate Wednesday

My diet has recently had a complete overhaul. At first, I was dreading the fact that again, a new diet would mean I have no idea what to eat and that I was going to spend countless hours preparing enough food to eat throughout the week. I may have even broken down to my husband who, with a little too much enthusiuam said, “I am so excited you are going to eat meat!” Thats right, I need loads of protein to rebuild my gut. I thought I was getting enough protein from having chicken or fish a couple times a week and eating a somewhat vegan/paleo diet.  I wasn’t sure that this new diet would actually make me feel better and reduce my symptoms, after all I ate VERY clean. I never cheated and had sweets or gluten, I felt like I should have been healed, but that just wasn’t the case. So, I would say after three weeks on this diet and healing regimen my symptoms are GREATLY reduced. I believe I still have healing to do, but I am certainly on the right track. Here is a look at what I eat on a typical day…


Water with 2 probiotics and a digestive enzyme



Anti-Inflammatory Protein powder. This powder contains ingredients like L-glutimin and curcumin which will help to reduce inflammation and rebuild my gut. It also helps me reach my protein intake with 20 grams per serving!

wiaw 3


Chicken Bone Broth while spending some quiet devotion time reading, She Reads Truth.

Bone Broth


Water with my supplements that I need to take with a fat containing meal- b-vitimin, vitamin D, and fish oil.

WIAW suppliments


Half of an avocado, fermented veggies, salmon (ate half before I remembered to take a picture!) with sea salt and dill, a chicken squash patty (recipe coming soon). I also had a bowl of bone broth soup with carrots, onion, salt, pepper, burdock root and fresh herbs.

WIAI lunch




My favorite treat-almond butter and coconut butter!

Almond Butter with Coconut


Tusli Glee

Tulsi Glee


Roasted veggies and tahini from previous night’s dinner.

WIAW Veggies


Boiled Kale, half of an avocado, fermented veggies , lamb chops, and (un-pictured) purple grapes.

WIAW Dinner


There you have it, a look into what I eat on a typical day!


What is your favorite meal?


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