Why I chose To See A Functional Medical Doctor

functional medical doctor

Functional Medicine- Getting To The Root Of The Problem

Over the last couple months, my health has taken a drop due to a variety of unexpected stressors in my life. Although I did a lot of healing in the past year, I was not to a point where my gut was completely healed and restored. I recently sought out a local functional medical doctor who is helping me get to the bottom of my condition. After only two weeks, I have seen amazing results. During the next couple weeks, I am going to do a series of posts as I continue on this healing journey to demonstrate the astounding benefits of choosing a functional medical doctor.

More Time With the Doctor

When going to a functional medical doctor you will notice that your doctor’s appointments will be longer than they are with a general physician. I remember when I first saw my general practitioner and told her about the two health issues that I was having. The first was with my colitis symptoms and the second was that my menstrual cycle had stopped. She told me that we could only address one issue that day and that was my menstrual cycle. After five minutes I had a prescription for birth control and was sent on my merry way. I don’t blame the doctor for not looking into a deeper cause or connection to the two symptoms I was having. Most doctors can only spend so much time with a patient for insurance reasons, and the doctor I saw only had time treat one of my symptoms that day. The difference between my past doctor and my current doctor is that my current functional medical doctor looks at ALL of my symptoms in order to find the root cause of my illness. Looking back to that first doctor’s appointment, I can see that the two problems I had were related and birth control was not going to fix the underlying issue.

A Different Approach

Three days prior to my first appointment with the functional medical doctor, I filled out a series of questionnaires that included; a toxicity evaluation, food diary, and medical history. This was so that during my first appointment the doctor could get a snap shot of where my health was so far. During the first appointment he wanted to get to know me, and get as much information about how I was feeling. We went through my entire life history and pin pointed some areas in my life that could have caused toxicity to build up in my body. At that point he had an overview of my life (both health and non-health issues) and current state of health. He also had a better idea of what was causing this disease and how to restore my health. He emphasized that treatment would not be disease/diagnosis centered, but patient centered. He explained that he would be coming up with an individualized plan for me that would address; nutrition, supplementation, detoxification, stress management, and spiritual growth. In week leading up to my next appointment, I would do some at home tests that would be sent into labs to test for any parasites in my gut. At the appointment, I would have my blood taken to test certain blood serum levels in my body. During that time, I would also meet with the nutritionist and begin a detoxification program that included lymphatic massage, acupuncture, and use of an infra-red sauna. I was amazed at the way they were going to address my health issues from all different vantage points. Leaving the doctor that day, I already felt healthier!

Seeing a functional medical doctor is a completely different experience. If you want to restore your bodies energy, health and vibrancy I would recommended working with a functional medical doctor!


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