Natural Ways To Treat Lice

Being a teacher, I come into contact with students who have “itchy heads” at least once a year. The dreaded head lice is not something I have experienced on my own head, but something that kids typically face when they go to school. The traditional method of treating lice is full of harmful chemicals that I would NOT want on my head. In an effort to find a safe alternative, I had a request to do a post about treating lice naturally.


Repelling Lice

We will start with a way to repel lice which includes incorporating the usage of both lavender and tea tree oil. Lice are deterred by the smell of lavender and tea tree oil. talks about the many uses for tea tree oil and mentions,

“Tea tree oil contains natural antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic properties which help to kill the lice and prevent it completely.” Source

You can incorporate these two oils by adding them to your shampoo or making a water/oil spray and using it before heading off to school.

Treating a Lice Breakout

It seems to be relatively unnaniomous that people have the best outcomes of treating lice by using a comb, coconut oil and apple cider vinegar. Not only will you be able to be lice free, your hair will be silky and shinny!

Coconut oil- Have you ever head that lice like clean hair? Although you would THINK that lice would show up in “dirty hair”, lice are not able to easily attach to the scalp and hair when it is oily. This is why coconut oil is a perfect solution to discard off those pesky critters. The coconut oil will also suffocate and kill the lice. You will want to leave the coconut oil on for several hours, or sleep with it in your hair overnight.

Apple Cider Vinegar – There are so many uses for apple cider vinegar and this is just another use to add to the list. According to you will want to first leave the apple cider vinegar on your hair until it dries because,

“The vinegar dissolves the ‘glue’ which sticks the eggs to your hair follicles”. source 

After the vinagar has dried you can lather the coconut in your hair and leave it for several hours. This gives it time to destroy the lice. If you are sleeping with the oil in your hair you can use a shower cap to protect your pillow case.

Finally, you will want to use a small comb and throughly comb the scalp to pick out all of the deceased lice.

Repeat this process for several days for best results.

Have you had success treating lice naturally? 


One thought on “Natural Ways To Treat Lice

  1. I’m dreading the day we get a note from school saying that there are students with lice (which I’m sure will happen every year). Makes me itch everytime I hear someone has it! Thanks for this post – I will have to bookmark it!

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