Five Tasty Tea Recommendations

I gave up coffee a year ago due to the fact that it can cause more harm than good in someone with an autoimmune condition. I was fine giving up the coffee, but still wanted a warm soothing beverage to start my day with. Switching my morning joe for a cup of tea has been a refreshing change. I have found several different teas that have happily replaced my morning coffee. The best part is that these teas support my body with healing and overall health. Read on to find out my favorite teas!


1.Tusli Tea-I talk about the benefits of drinking tulsi tea here. I love plain tusli tea, but recently fell in love with Organic India – True Wellness Tusli Tummy Tea  If you are looking for a relaxing tea, this is the choice for you.

2.Dandelion Root Tea-This tea actually reminds me of coffee. It has a bitter taste and is great for making a alternative “coffee” drink. I add coconut milk, collagen and a bit of honey for a sweet treat. The best part is that this tea supports liver function and will aid in digestion!

3.Ginger/Lemon/Turmeric Tea-I make this tea on my own. Just cut up a nub of ginger, lemon, and a shake of turmeric. I talk about the wonderful power of ginger here. I love to start my day with this tea or drink it after a big meal.

4.Throat Coat-This is my go to tea when I feel a cold coming on. This tea contains licorice root, marshmallow root, and slippery elm. These ingredients will help to sooth inflammation and were actually the first supplements my doctor recommend when treating my digestive problems. An added bonus is that this tea has an amazing flavor!

5.Bone Broth– I know this isn’t technically a tea, but it is a warm drink! Talk about starting your day off right as you drink up plenty of easily absorbed minerals. The gelation in bone broth is also great for treating leaky gut.

Do you drink tea? What is your favorite type of tea?


One thought on “Five Tasty Tea Recommendations

  1. Oh been meaning to try dandelion root tea for a while but struggle to find it in the uk but love ginger tea – especially this time of year and rooibos lattes for a caffine free latte are my coffee break beverage of choice:)

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