DIY Art Work For UNDER Five Dollars

Typically my blog has been focused around health and fitness. However, I believe part of a healthy life is having a relaxing home environment. Since Aaron is in school right now, we don’t have a ton of extra money to spend on decorating our house. We’ve wanted to get some artwork for a long time but haven’t wanted to “break the bank” to get it. We came up with a brilliant idea of using our own pictures to create works of art. Here is how….

Take a picture- Take a picture of something beautiful! My favorite part of running and biking is being able to see the gorgeous outdoors. In the past year, I’ve started moving away from streets and sidewalks to focusing on running the trails of out local state park. The scenery throughout the park is stunning and I always make sure to stop and snap a quick picture. Photographs of the outdoors are my personal favorite, but really you can use a picture of anything, just be creative!


This picture was taking on the trail that I ran on all summer. I simply changed the style to black and white
Make an engineering print- We headed to our neighborhood Staples and the picture was printed within 10 minutes and cost us only about $2.00. Just send in your picture and ask for black and white 36” by 48” engineering print. 
Buy a wooden board- Our next stop was the hardware store to pick up a half sheet of 1/8in MDF hardboard, which is easily cut to size with a circular saw. Cut the boards 1in less in width and length so that you can wrap the edge of the picture around the piece of wood. Make sure to outline the size of the actual picture, not the white space.

IMG_1373Wrap the picture- Center the picture on board and wrap the white paper around the sides.   IMG_1375 Tape the picture- Tape the sides of the picture to the back of the board. Make sure you stretch it tight. IMG_1379Cut and fold sides– With a knife, you will want to make slits at the corner of the paper.  Fold the side in so that it makes a triangle (see 2nd picture below). This will allow the paper to fold over without any wrinkles.  Again, tape the sides of the paper onto the board. Its basically like wrapping a gift.   IMG_1381   IMG_1383     Voila! You are done! IMG_1389   Do you have artwork in your house? Would you consider making your own?


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