Eat More Ginger

I have recently been using ginger root to aid in my digestion. After seeing great results, I decided to research all of the benefits of consuming ginger. I was amazed at what I found. Ginger root has a host of beneficial attributes making it a great addition to any meal.


Ginger For Digestion

Consuming ginger before a meal will lead the body to start releasing bile and digestive enzymes. This production is a way to kick start the digestion process. Better-digested food means better absorbed nutrients for the body and better absorbed nutrients means a healthier you! On Matt Robinson’s blog, Natural Digestive Healing, he mentions that,

“Ginger contains a protein-digesting enzyme called zingibain which is one of the most powerful protein digesting enzymes known.” (source)

In times when my body needs a little extra help with digestion I will chew on a piece of ginger before meals, swallow the juices and spit out the pulp. WARNING THIS WILL BE HOT/SPICY! I also make a ginger tea by placing a nub of ginger in boiling water.

Ginger For Cold Prevention

Being a teacher means avoiding lots of germs which leads to trying any and all cold and flu remedies to stay well. I have to say that I can actually FEEL the ginger working, and I bet you will too. This is due to the fact that ginger will increase blood circulation. I mentioned in my How To Stay Injury Free that improved circulation will help remove toxins from your body. My favorite way to consume ginger, when I am sick, is steeping the ginger in boiling water and adding a little lemon.

Ginger For Anti-inflammatory Properties

Gingerols is the anti-inflammatory compound contained in ginger root. This makes it a great tool for people with inflammatory gut conditions such as crohns disease or ulcerated colitis. In addition, it will help to block any inflammation throughout the body, which means it is great to consume for any injury to promote quick healing. The Oz Blog reports that,

“In studies, ginger was as effective as ibuprofen for the treatment of osteoarthritis, but without any of the negative effects on the stomach associated with ibuprofen.”(Source)

For years I popped pain pills for everything from headaches to sore muscles. I am happy to find that there is a natural option that won’t do more harm than good for the body!

Do you consume ginger? Have you experienced any positive effects? 


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