How To Stay Injury Free

Foam rolling is something that you may have become aware of due to the arrival of these tools showing up more in gyms and in the fitness world. Using a foam roller is a great way to experience the health benefits of massage without the price tag of going to a chiropractor or other massage therapists. While research points to the fact that this method of massage is great for runners and other athletes to use, what you may not know is that it can be beneficial for overall health use.

Foam Rolling For Athletes

Foam rolling can provide a type of massage called myofascial release. This type of massage will help to release restricted muscles and fascia. When a muscle is chronically tight it will eventually become week and turn off. Other muscles around it will have to pick up the load of that muscle, and can cause injury. By massaging the muscle you can lengthen short muscles and allow other muscles to activate. This will in turn decrease the frequency of injury. I personally try to use my foam roller before my runs to active all of my muscles.

Foam Rolling For Health

Foam rolling massage can also be beneficial for your overall health. This massage will promote circulation and blood flow within the body. This will remove harmful metabolic products from tissue. Better circulation will allow better oxygen delivery to muscles. It can also serve as a way to unwind and decrease stress as you can use this tool to massage out the areas of tension within your body.

 Interested In Learning

If you are interested in learning how to use a foam roller watch the video below.

Interested in purchasing a foam roller? This Foam Roller and this Pro-Tec Athletics Roller Massager are the two I recommend!

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