De-Stress or Get Sick

Have you ever felt like you were to stressed to even think about ways to de-stress? I have felt this way many times over the past year. Only these last couple months have, which coincidently may be the most stressful months of my life, have I learned that taking time to de-stress is a MUST.

Being told that I had  possibly had an autoimmune disease put everything in full perspective. Either de-stress or get really sick. I chose to find ways to de-stress, no matter what the cost. Being a first grade teacher makes my days long and tiring. Heck, I hardly have one bathroom break during the day. I had to change my whole way of thinking during the day and make sure to take time for myself after work. Here are some things that have worked for me.

1. Tulisi Tea (Holy Basel) : My natropath got me hooked on this tea. She described the effects as the same as having a glass of wine. I am not sure it has those exact same effects on me, however,  I find it to have a very calm and “level” feeling. The leaves in this tea have a anti-stress agent in them. I have gone as far to exchanged my cup of coffee for a cup of this tea every morning.

IMG_05542. Yoga after work: I come home from a day of chasing first graders around and the LAST thing I want to do is move off the couch. I’m telling you, a short 15 minute yoga video is absolutely WORTH IT. I do it first thing when I get home, before I make dinner, or take a shower. This helps to clear my mind from the day and put me in a better mood.  I typically just google free yoga videos and find some great classes.


3.Finding time to be “lazy”: I think our society has brainwashed us to thinking the more we do, the better people we are. I lived this way for years and I believe that is one reason I got sick. My alarm clock would go off at 4 am and I would hit the gym before heading to my physically/ mentally demanding job. The stress of trying to find a house and plan my wedding at the same time finally took a tole on me. My body told me to rest, or it would make me. One day during work I literally passed out from exhaustion. Everyone needs time to just relax. Not thinking about the things they need to do for work or around the house. I find it hard during the school year to find time everyday, but I know it is essential. If I can’t get my mind to rest, or if I feel like I don’t have time, I listen to a mediation for 15-20  minutes. In the summer I find it much easier as I can lay outside  in the sun and read my daily devotions.

4. Make your home space peaceful: Aaron and I purchased our first house this past year. We have been working to create a space we will enjoy. We have one room in out house that is our workout/ yoga room. This is a room I associate with peace. It is bright and cheery with some house plants and candles. Each time I am in this room I am doing something great for my body. I also notice when other rooms in my house are clutter free I am able to be more  relaxed.


5. Epsom Salt Baths: Whenever I am in a bad mood Aaron nonchalantly suggests that I go take a bath. Smart man. I instantly relax when I take these baths. Upping your magnesium levels will calm the brian. Mix this will a little lavender essential oil and it is peer bliss! I like to light a couple beeswax candles as well. When I am done I feel as though I just returned from a spa! Perfect after a long day of work 🙂

Well theres my take on how to relax. I hope you will find these tips helpful!

Is it easy for you to find time to relax?

What is your favorite way to de-stress?


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