Saturdays Are The Best!

The morning started out with making the A-ster and myself breakfast…


Raspberry pancakes!

A-ster headed out for his dental volunteer clinic and I had the house to myself. My race wasn’t until later in the day so I decided to do a little P90X core work and yoga! I’ve been ignoring workouts that involve anything other than being outside, which happens just about every fall. However, to stay injury free, I know building up my muscles is a must.


A pizza was made for lunch. This is my kind of pizza. It is made with a brown rice flour wrap, tahini, garlic and veggies. I baked it on 320 for 15 minutes. Crispy YUMMYYNESS..  I took a bite before I took the picture. Whoops!


I did some relaxing around the house which felt good. I’ve been feeling super busy since the start of the school year. Since it was raining outside I felt justified to just sit on the couch and watch Parenthood on Netfix. Something I RAIRLY do.

My 5K race started later than what I am typically used to. I have always been a get up and run first thing in the morning type of gal. However, this race was a nice change. When we arrived to the race start and the sight was beautiful. The run took place on back country roads around a vineyard. There was a band with music playing and food trucks set up grilling BBQ, hot dogs and hamburgers  (needless to say A-ster was in heaven while he was waiting). I met my brother and brother-in-law at the start and we were all ready to run! We decided that it was every man for himself during this race (aka we wouldn’t try to stay together).

IMG_0289I tried to keep up with both of the guys at the start of the race. I think this is how I hit a new PR. I was 4th in my age group!





A glass of wine is the perfect way to end a 5k. Lets see if I can beat my time next weekend!


Happy Sunday!



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