Fitting in workouts on vacation

I’ve decided to write a post about working out on vacation since I am vacationing on the beach this week! I know some people like to use their vacations as a break from working out, which is totally great! In the past i’ve been on vacations where i’ve done little to no physical activity. However since I am running my relay race next week, I needed to fit in some workouts this week. Here are some easy ways to fit in a workout.

1. Find a race that is close by to your vacation area. 

My sister was able to find a 5k that was pretty close to our condo (15-20 minute drive). I was super excited to run the race knowing that I would get to explore a new area with new people.  It was even better having a family member there to enjoy it with!

2. Exercise early

I’ve never been one to sleep in, so waking up early is pretty easy for me. I usually wake up around 6am on my own (late compared to my usual 4:45am work week schedule). I like to get my workouts in early so I can spend the rest of the day doing vacation-like things.

 3. Use a workout video

If you have a computer or tv in your place, you can always use a workout DVD or even a video from this site – Blogilates . I used this site all week and it was GREAT way to mix things up. She has video that range from 5-30 minutes. On my days where I didn’t want to run, I incorporated a mix of her videos!

4. Walk around and explore 

Walking is a great way to get your physical activity in for the day! This can be a fun event like walking on the beach/boardwalk/whatever is around. Involve your friends and family and you wont even realize you are getting a workout!

Physical activity helped me to enjoy my beach vacation even more. Everyday I had lots of energy to play with my little niece and hang out with the fam!!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!!!


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