run recaps and wedding dress shopping

Holy moly! When will I ever learn NOT to eat a meal before my runs?! I guess it was worth it though because I got to see some of my besties at dinner…



After dinner came a speedy/hilly run… I have not done speed work since before my injury. If I wasn’t running with someone else, I would have probably stopped and curled into a little ball on the side of the road. Also, my stomach was not happy with the salad I ate for dinner 30 minutes prior.. We started out with a one mile warm up then heated things up with a pretty quick pace. All together we did 3.25 run with a mile warm up and .25 mile cool down. I spent most of my run trying to keep up with this guy (my brother in law).  Don’t mind my amazing photography skills….


My legs were toasted afterwards and I spent some needed time with my foam roller.:)

Since I had plans to do some wedding dress shopping this afternoon, we planed another run for this morning (approximately 12 hours later).. My legs felt super tired but we were able to pull out 5 miles on a flat trail. Tomorrow is my last day before I go back home and we are going to do some of the trails that we will be running during the Red Eye Relay. I can’t even begin to explain how massive these hill are that we are going to run…I have to admit I am a little terrified!

Onward to the wedding dress update… I am terrible at making decisions and usually like both of my choices the same. Unfortunately, it has been no different with finding wedding dresses. I have loved everyone that I have tried on. I have finally narrowed it down to two of them. Since Aaron reads this blog I can’t really post any pictures so it will just have to remain a surprise…I will say that the one I am leaning towards is nothing that I would normally choose.. Typical right????


Did you have trouble picking out a wedding dress and what did it look like?!



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