Today I had the day off from work! I woke up super happy to face the day. Since I am going to be babysitting the whole weekend, I planned on doing my longer 6 mile run today. I originally planned on fitting in 6 before breakfast because I feel better running on an empty stomach. However, I waited a little too long and started to feel hunger pains in my stomach. It was then obvious that I HAD to make pancakes for myself and Aaron ;)..

Note: Remind me NEVER eat 2 huge pancakes before going on a hot long run…This did not feel good..

They were deliciously good! After fueling up, I got my running gear on and set off on my route. Today was my first day that I used my new Nike running hydration belt. It was HOT outside and I really needed to stay hydrated. It was perfect because it also has some pockets where I kept my cell phone, pepper spray and keys. I really didn’t notice it at all while I was running which was a major plus.
I was happy as a clam on my run thanking the Lord that I could finally run pain-free. I’ve avoided talking about my injury  on the blog because I wasn’t sure what was wrong, or how long it would take to fix.  When I first started feeling the pain it stressed me out to the max. Running means so much to me. It really helps me deal with stress and keeps me sane. I also knew that I wanted to run in the red-eye relay in July and figured that I wouldn’t be able to. After taking a long break from running and stretching on my own, I figured I was all healed and could start running again. However, the pain came back in full force. I finally went to see a chiropractor. He was confident that he knew what was wrong and could help me fix it. It turns out that I had an extremely tight Psoas. Weird word huh?! This is a common injury among runners. It is a muscle that runs down your stomach and connects to your hip flexor. Mine had knots up and down the muscle. It was forcing my hips to turn upwards and caused one of my legs to shorten. After a couple of weeks of deep massage in my stomach, and plenty of stretching I was seeing SO MUCH PROGRESS!!! I told my chiropractor that he saved my life and he laughed (and probably thought that I was crazy). However, I do think that this injury happened for a reason. It gave me a much-needed break from running that will help me to never take it for granted again. It also helped me to see how important it is to not over-train and listen to my body!
On my run I ran across a mamma duck and her babies. It made my heart cry a little 🙂
My adorable god-daughter sent me an amazing gift for mother’s day.
man oh man you can’t get a gift better than this! It made me miss her even more. All I want to do is hang out with her and spoil her with vegan treats :).

                                                                                               Way to cute for words…

Her momma who is also my sister called me earlier this week with news on her rediscovered hobby.. RUNNING.  She was a cross-country star in high school and will probably be able to out run me in a couple of weeks. She is running in a 5k this June that includes wearing a chicken hat!! I must admit that  I am already looking up races for us to do this summer…



Ok back to sitting on the couch and resting my tired legs before babysitting tonight 🙂


3 thoughts on “Its FRIDAY!

  1. Unfortunately, I have to eat before I go on my run in the morning because otherwise I woukd probably eat my arm on the run. I usually have a bar of some sort and a cup of coffee – so I can go 11 or 12 minutes a mile – lol!! Today I used my phone as a stopwatch to time my run, except I must have bumped a button on the run because it didn’t keep track. I was so bummed!!! Man, I am pretty jealous of all the wonderful cookbooks – I just got 7 new ones myself 🙂

    • haha well a bar and coffee would have probably been smarter than pancakes :). I hate when my running timers get messed up! Don’t stress about the time! It will get faster with time.. It the fact that you are getting out their that counts!!!!

  2. I am super excited about the fact you are pain free and can freely pursue your passion again. Keep up the great work and I am waiting for a report and pictures on the vegan cupcakes!! 🙂

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