Finally a post about my wedding

I’ve been a very bad blogger…I apologize for my lack of posts. In my defense I have been spending every moment that I am not at work reading the hunger games. I just finished the second book and now I am seriously debating whether I should drive an hour and a half to get the third book from my sister…

In other WEDDING news…

My amazing wedding planner sent me an e-mail informing me that it was time for our 12- month check in. It gave me a reality check that in one year and 4 days I will be marrying the love of my life!! I couldn’t be more excited! She also let me know what I should be planning for this month….

Church/ Reception Hall:

Double check.. We have both the church and reception hall set for June 1st. For the reception we decided to go with a bigger venue.  This place has everything that I wanted/ dreamed of for my perfect wedding. It’s a large room with a high ceiling and lots of windows. It has glittery lights that hang from above that will allow me to create my “mood lighting” 😉 .  It big enough to comfortably fit my guests, a band, bar, and dance floor (the most important thing).  It is connected to a hotel, which will allow guests to feel comfortable to stay and have a good time without the stress of finding a ride back to their room.

Collect pictures of Flowers, Cake design, Bridal Attire, Room Decor, etc :

Here are some of my pinterest ideas..

Wedding colors:



I like tall center pieces and candles.



I’ve loved peonies every since I was a little girl. I am really learning toward the all white bouquet.



I really want to try to have a vegan gluten free cake. I know some of you are gaging but I promise that I tasted one last week that was absolutely amazing…Even the non vegans agreed! If I could have it my way, I would like the cake to look a little something like this..

or this..



I want my bridesmaids to feel comfortable in their dresses. Therefore, I’ll have everyone in the same color but whatever style they choose. I’m debating whether to use one brand ( i know Jcrew has some cute ones) or to just have everyone choose their own from wherever.

Here is a picture from my sister-in law’s wedding. She used Jcrew..


I should also be looking for my dress this month! I’ve slightly been putting this off because I am TERRIBLE at making decisions and love absolutely every dress that I have tried on. Therefore I am going to make my sister and mom make the choice for me. I am also terrible at keeping secrets from Aaron. It will take everything I have to not show him the dress.

Have a happy Friday!!


One thought on “Finally a post about my wedding

  1. I am loving all the pictures….the white peonies will be beautiful, and the centerpieces and candles look like they are out of a fairytale.
    Did I mention I am partial to June 1st? It is my parents’ wedding anniversary and this year marks Year 49 for them!
    SO happy for you!! 🙂

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