Under 30 minute workout

Happy Thursday! One more day of work until the weekend! The A-ster (aka Aaron) finished his last final today!!! I was a good fiancé and made him rice crispy treats and picked up sushi for dinner! My sister gave me a rice crispy treat recipe using almond butter and agave! We gave them an A+!



Today I want to talk about plyometric workouts. I try to include one plyo workout in my exercise routine per week. The benefits include cardio vascular health, improved quickness and muscle strength/tone. I enjoy the exercises because they are quick and fun, yet still give me an extreme workout! I usually tune-in to the zumba station on Pandora to give me that extra oomph ;).



I found this particular workout to be very challenging! The workout took less than 30 minutes (27:31 to be exact), but was as fatiguing as an hour of cardio. In addition, I made sure to do about 6 minutes of foam rolling and warm-up. I used this video as a quick warm up… http://www.5min.com/Video/How-to-Do-Cardio-Warm-Ups-230506091.  At the most intense point of the workout, my heart rate reached 189bt/min!!




1.Box jumps 60 seconds

2.Push ups 25

3.Burpees 60 seconds

4.Speed skater 60 seconds

5. mountain climbers 60 seconds

6.squats 25

7. plank 60 seconds

9. squat jumps 60 seconds

10. one leg hop 30 seconds on each leg


Repeat once


I use this for my box jumps…

 but you can use anything such as a stair or pile of books. Another really good thing about plyometric workouts is that you can adjust the exercises to your current fitness level. For example, if you are just getting into a fit healthy life you can start out doing 30 seconds of everything and skip the repeat!

What are your weekend plans?

Will you try this workout? 😉



One thought on “Under 30 minute workout

  1. I am going to have to work my way up into that workout…the warm up alone has me exhausted.
    (And what is up with everyone grinning and smiling in exercise videos? 🙂 )
    Hoping you have a lovely weekend…I plan to get a mani/pedi, go to the circus and read Hunger Games.

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