Week of work and hummus recipe :)

It has been a super busy week over here. My spring break ended and I went back to work.  Luckily, I love my job so I was ready to go back! Besides going to work, my days involved…  Early morning bike rides… Yes, I work out before I go to work. Why? Because I actually have more energy in the morning then I do after a day of running around with children :). I love coming home from work and having absolutely nothing to do. Therefore,  I wake up at 4:30 to get in a spin before work while watching my favorite T.V. shows.. This is the best way to start your day, I promise!

 Aaron even tried out the bike trainer this week. When he told me, it made me incredibly happy! He has been studying away and super stressed out for his upcoming exams. Exercise study breaks are the best way to clear your mind ;). Another amazing thing about my job is that it is right next to a running trail! Since the weather has been beautiful, I am able to run after school! If I don’t workout in the morning,  I like getting in a workout RIGHT after school. If I go all the way home and see the couch I will lay down and never get back up.

 I made the best hummus (recipe at end of post), and ate way too much of it…

Yesterday I made the drive to my parent’s house. Yes, I go home almost every weekend. Both my brother and sister moved back to our hometown, and it’s just too much fun to pass up a weekend spending time with them.  The only thing that would be better if my oldest sister and this little girl were close too..

My sweet niece 

It is also my sister’s birthday on Sunday! Last night we started off her birthday  celebration by going out to a little café to watch a band play. Once we got there we found that it wasn’t really our scene (too many hipsters 😉 ). We made the best out of it by having a couple of drinks and playing draw something on our iPhones.. Oh, and I think I went a little deaf from the loud music. Next time I will bring ear plugs!

Sis in law, me and Cindy

I am totally obsessed with the Instagram app..

Gross picture of me but Daisy looks SO adorable..love those eyes.

“Cheesy” Hummus Recipe:


1 16 oz can chickpeas

1/4 cup water

1 large lemon (squeezed for juice)

2 TBSP tahini

2TBSP olive oil

2 cloves garlic crushed

1/4 tsp salt

1 TBSP nutritional yeast

Parsley for garnish


1. Drain chickpeas and wash with water. Put them into food processor and grind well.  Combine the rest of the ingredients and blend until you get the desired texture. Sprinkle parsley on top and enjoy!

Would you rather work out in the morning or evening? 

Are you obsessed with any iPhone apps? 


5 thoughts on “Week of work and hummus recipe :)

  1. I can’t believe Eleanor ever had hair that dark it is streaking blond these days :). She told me she wants her aunt Liz to visit and make her some hummus. She is ready to take the plunge!

    • I know, her hair almost looks a little red! People always say mine has a little red, too. I will gladly make little eleanor some hummus!!!!!!!! I know she will love it!

  2. You don’t know me, but I am a (good) friend of Jennifer…and Facebook friends with Cindy. Since I have never been steered wrong by a Mackey Girl, I will just take your word for it that a morning workout is best. 🙂
    So far I am loving your blog and all the healthy recipes/exercise tips you offer. YOU could be the one to get me to lose those 30 pounds despite my best efforts not to. 🙂

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