Pictures of the week

My adorable little nephew πŸ™‚

Aaron and brother-in-law mulching for my parents (while I laid out and read my book πŸ˜‰ ). Aaron loves working outside as much as I love running-ha

Aaron and I went on a walk one night and a goose started chasing us.. VERY SCARY!

My disgusted face as Aaron made me pull chicken meat off the bone. Notice my sister’s dog praying for a morsel to drop.

Aaron and I went on a wonderful bike ride this week! It was the perfect temperature outside for the rolling country-side πŸ˜‰

Picture before sushi with friends. My mom took this picture and cut off Aaron’s head-haha!

I went on a run this morning. I dressed all in black and Aaron told me to do some ninja moves.

My running partner Β πŸ™‚

The little cutie, again!

The view of our hike.

Dying Easter eggs

My egg for Aaron

My new compression leg sleeves.. Thanks mom!!!

Have a Happy Easter!!!!!!!


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