Reception venue and three pull ups

This spring break is going even better than I had imagined! No, I didn’t get to go on a tropical vacation, but I get to spend a lot of time with my sister, brother-in-law and mom! ANNNNDD Aaron’s coming tomorrow 🙂 WHAT COULD BE BETTER ?!?

Yesterday my mom and I drove around to my possible reception venues. However, when we got to the first place they told us that it was already booked for June 1st.  This was right after I decided that I liked this place better than my second option.  If I wanted to, I could change the date to later in June, but I really don’t want to change it AGAIN.  So, by default the country club wins. In reality I love this place too.  I took some pictures, but I don’t want to show too many of the inside, so that the guests will still be surprised when they walk in. I will however give you a sneak peek!

Outside walkway

Outside Patio

I believe that my next order of business will be the guest list….

After a fun filled day of wedding venues, my brother-in-law (Gavin) and I decided to take a little ride downtown! I’m not sure why but I decided not to bring my bike down for spring break, so I used my sister’s. Luckily Aaron is saving the week and bringing both of our bikes with him tomorrow. This also means that I am going to talk him into going on three road rides ;).

Once we got back from the ride, everyone wanted to go on a walk (it was too nice outside to pass up).  Gavin and I decided to get a little run in while my mom and sister walked. We are planning on doing the Red Eye Relay in June (100 mile running relay), and are starting to build up our miles.

Before we left, we all randomly  tried to do a pull-up… My sister and I couldn’t even do one! I have strong legs but ZERO upper body strength. We were cracking up at the lack of our ability, when my mom decided give it a try. Thinking that she would have the same outcome as us, we were amazing when she did THREE PULL UPS. THREE!!!!!!!


Blurry picture of my mom

 My sad attempt 😉

I will be able to do a pull up! Some day….

How big was your guest list?

I really have no idea how many people we will invite as of right now..

Did you do anything outside yesterday?

Bike ride/run/ played with dogs

Can you do a pull up?


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